Terms of Service

Basic rules

  1. Fair-Play Alliance’s Datanest (hereinafter “Datanest”) is available to registered and unregistered users.
  2. Registered user (hereinafter “User”) is a User that creates an account at datanest.fair-play.sk and accepts the terms of use (hereinafter “Terms”).
  3. When registering, the User must use functional and regularly checked e-mail address. Regularly checked, for the purposes of this text, means that the User is able to respond within two weeks to a possible e-mail from Fair-Play Alliance (hereinafter “Alliance”), and the response will not be in the form of default automatic reply.

Usage of Datanest web application

  1. Usage of Datanest is free of charge to registered and unregistered users.
  2. Registration to Datanest is tied to a particular User. The Users will not provide access to Datanest to third parties through their accounts.
  3. Each User has access to tables of data, API and search engine, within the Datanest.
  4. The Alliance cannot guarantee the identity of the User.

Usage of API and data download

  1. Downloading of Datanest’s datasets through an API key is free of charge, but is only available to registered users.
  2. The downloading of individual datasets is free of charge and is available to both, registered and unregistered Users.
  3. API key is not transferable. Only the person or entity who / which activated the account can use it.
  4. Downloading data via API is not limited at present, but it is monitored. Overloading the server of the Alliance may create grounds for terminating or limiting of this service.
  5. API key Users, interested in extensive use of it that may be too burdening, are to contact the Alliance in advance on the e-mail address datanest(at)fair-play.sk, in order to make sure they do not jeopardize general availability of the service.
  6. API key User is to inform the Alliance about the existence of another application, or other output, using data from Datanest and if it is accessible online, he/she informs about its location by disclosing the web address. Upon request, the User grants Alliance permanent access, if the access is not public. In the case of offline usage of data, User of the API key informs Alliance about such use and, if possible, provides a copy of the output that was created by using data from Datanest.
  7. Copyrights of the API key User to this output are not affected by the aforementioned provision.
  8. The API key User, upon request of the Alliance, is to provide monthly statistics (number of visitors and page views) of web sites that use data from Datanest. The Alliance will not disclose statistics obtained this way, unless it obtains the consent of the operator.
  9. The Alliance reserves the right to publish usage statistics, which aggregate multiple (at least three) operators.
  10. The same conditions apply to the manual downloading of datasets, without API key.

Data usage in Datanest

  1. The Alliance shall not be legally liable for the accuracy of the data published in Datanest, their interpretation and updating. The Alliance cannot be held liable for any damages that users would incur by using Datanest or circumstances related to the data search and data quality.
  2. User acknowledges that the data in Datanest may contain errors caused by processing large amounts of data on the part of the Alliance or on the part of the authorities.
  3. In the event of a lawsuit concerning the data from Datanest, in which the court rules Alliance to be innocent, the Alliance will be seeking to be compensated by the other party and the other party agrees to pay such compensation.
  4. Data published in Datanest, will be, used only used by the users in accordance with applicable laws and good morals. In the case of disagreement on the fulfillment of this condition, the Alliance will attempt to reach an agreement with user. In the case that an agreement is not reached, the opinion of the Alliance is decisive.
  5. In the case of suspicion that the provided data are incorrect, user promptly informs the Alliance of this fact via the Report error button or via e-mail of the administrator: datanest (at) fair-play.sk.

License terms

See copyright page.

Final provisions

  1. In the case of non-compliance to the Terms by the User, the Alliance has the right to prevent his/her access to Datanest. API key user can be prevented access to data via the API. The Alliance is not liable for any damages that may be incurred to those users.
  2. The Alliance can change the Terms unilaterally.
  3. The Alliance will do changes to the Terms with the aim of making data on the management of the country available to the widest public possible.
  4. Service may be terminated at any time at the discretion of the Alliance.