2004-2015 © Fair-Play Alliance

Database data published in Datanest and available through the API key (hereinafter “Database”) are owned by the Fair-Play Alliance.

Fair-Play Alliance grants approval for free extraction and re-utilization of databases contents or their parts to all territories of the world for the duration of these rights under the following conditions:

  1. When using data, the user must identify the holder of the rights as Fair-Play Alliance’s Datanest – and whenever possible, especially in applications using the API, as follows: “The rights to the database: 2015,, Fair-Play Alliance”. Whenever possible, the user provides following hyperlink after words,
  2. The user is allowed to redistribute Databases, or other subjects of rights that were created by using Databases, only under the same Terms.
  3. The user may not, without the consent of Fair-Play Alliance, in the distribution of Databases, or other subjects of rights that were created by using Databases, limit their use beyond what is permitted by this license.

A way of using Databases must not be conflicting with the mission of Datanest, as described in the section About service.

Any use of the Databases, which does not meet the terms of the above licenses, needs a written consent of the rights-holder.

Application + ETL

2009-2015 © Fair-Play Alliance

This program is free for distribution and modifiable under public license GNU Lesser General Public License from the Free Software Foundation, version 3 and higher. Source code and documentation.


2009 – 2015 © Fair-Play Alliance


Fair-Play Alliance (datanest(at) operator of the website, 2003-2015
Peter Kunder (Fair-Play Alliance, kunder(at) author of concept, development of the project of online databases for public control of Slovak public finances, 2003-2015

Ján Suchal (minio, jan.suchal(at) application programming, supervising, 2015
Tomáš Kramár (minio, tomas.kramar(at) application programming, supervising, 2015
Ondrej Proksa (Ondrej Proksa – IT Solutions, ondrej.proksa(at) document processing, ETL, the main programmer of the application, 2014-2015
Miroslav Hetteš (mirrec(at) application programming, 2015

Ivan Gaža (Fair-Play Alliance, ivan(at) design, 2013-2015
Michal Olah (Circulus s.r.o. – olahmichal(at) document processing, the main programmer of the application, ETL, 2010-2014

Michal Barla (minio, michal.barla(at) document processing, 2009-2010

Greg Elin (Sunlight Labs, consulting, project supervision, 2009-2010
Vojto Rinik (freelancer, vojto(at) web application programmer, 2009-2010
Štefan Urbánek (Knowerce Ltd., architecture design, back-end, 2009-2010

Peter Vojtek (FIIT STUBA, pvojtek(at) document processing, 2009
Martin Lipták (mliptak(at) – ETL, 2012