About Service

Project mission

Datanest was created by the Fair-Play Alliance, as a source of information on the management of public money in Slovakia. We see shortcomings in the system, in which citizens contribute their taxes, yet are unable to easily control what happens with the money down the line. State generates a large amount of data about its financial management, but getting to them is often extremely difficult. Despite the possibilities provided by the Law on free access to information, we believe that there should be greater effort to balance this asymmetry of information.

Datanest originated as a source of public information for Fair-Play Alliance’s investigative department and for journalists, analysts, watchdog organizations and citizens. It contains data since 1990 to the present and in some cases, it even contains data that are not available in electronic form anywhere else.

Information available on Datanest are open data, which means they can be used free of charge and in any other project, while complying with the licensing terms. Usage of the data cannot be in conflict with the mission of the project.

How we obtain data for Datanest

We obtain much of the information from state institutions under Law no. 211/2000 on free access to information. Other data are obtained from publicly available sources such as the Public Procurement Bulletin or the statistical register of organizations. The third source is the official communication of the institutions – for example websites of ministries and authorities.

The data we can obtain automatically (e.g. Public Procurement Bulletin), are automatically downloaded and published. Information obtained under the Law on Free Access to Information are received from institutions via mail or e-mail, we then processes them to the appropriate format and publish them on Datanest. We use similar approach, when publishing data obtained from websites of institutions.